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Warranty Information

Everest Beds Warranty

5-Year Guarantee & Warranty Periods

All new goods are sold with a minimum 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee. (Full details are available on request.) In addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee, Everest Beds offers a limited extended warranty on all products.

Warranty Coverage

A five-year warranty covers all models within the Everest Beds and mattress range, ensuring protection against any potential issues arising from faulty materials or workmanship. This warranty applies to all beds, except those sold as clearance items or in mattress or bed-only sales cases, when used with a non-approved base or mattress deemed unsuitable. If any bed or mattress is found to have issues related to faulty materials or workmanship during the first five years, we will gladly provide free repair or replacement services.

Warranty Conditions

  • Claim Procedure: If you suspect a fault, please refer to our dedicated customer service team for guidance and inspection. All details of the claim must be lodged with Everest Beds by email or in writing. You must keep all your purchase records as they will be needed in the event of a claim.
  • Product Care: A mattress must always be used with a mattress protector, turned, and cleaned as per the manufacturer's instructions, and must be unsoiled at the time that the claim is lodged.
  • Collection and Inspection: We will arrange to collect the goods and return them to us for inspection. The carrier reserves the right to refuse to collect items that are not packaged suitably or which are unhygienic. We may require prepayment for the costs of the collection in some circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

The guarantees or warranties shall not apply when:

  • The product has been soiled or stained in any way.
  • The product was damaged accidentally after delivery.
  • The product has been jumped on or damaged by improper use.
  • The product has been used commercially or has been misused in any way.
  • The mattress has been bent or folded in such a way as to cause damage to spring sets.

Replacement Process

If the claim is accepted, the following process will apply:

  • Replacement Goods: We will contact you to arrange the replacement goods to be dispatched and delivered on a convenient date. The replacement item can be any item from our then-current range. The difference in price from the warranty-covered item is payable by you, along with the cost of collecting the original item.
  • Allowance Scale: If the claim is validated, there will be an allowance granted against the replacement item according to the following scale:
    • Within the first two years: 40% of the original price will be credited.
    • Year three: 25% of the original price will be credited.
    • Year four: 15% of the original price will be credited.
    • Year five: 10% of the original price will be credited.

Additional Information

  • Exclusions: The 5-year warranty does not apply to any purchases before the 12th of September 2023. Prior to this date, the warranty period was 3 years for purchases between 13th March 2022 and 11th September 2023, and a 1-year warranty for purchases prior to 13th March 2022.
  • Matching Materials: All reasonable efforts will be made to match fabrics and colours where an item is repaired or replaced. However, a match cannot be guaranteed.
  • Alternative Products: Where the repair or replacement of a bed is not possible, we will offer you the opportunity to choose an alternative product. You must pay the difference if you select a product that is more expensive than the nearest equivalent.
  • Non-Transferable: The guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase may be required.
  • Delivery Areas: The guarantee only applies to our usual delivery areas within the mainland UK.
  • Statutory Rights: Your Statutory Rights are not affected. Everest Beds will always honour your statutory rights.